1, 2, Freddy’s Coming For You!!!! So Excited About This Damn Movie!

YESSSSSSSSS! Nightmare on Elm Street comes out tomorrow!!! I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about this! I have always been a fan of scary movies, I have never been a sappy love story flix chick.

Don't Fall Asleep........

When I was younger, every Friday after my mom got off of work, she would take me to the video rental store and let me pick out 1 or 2 movies to watch over the weekend. Like clockwork, I would always make my way over to the “Horror” movie section.

While most children around the age of 8 would be scared to watch a scary movie by themselves, I was perfectly fine with it. I would have my bowl of popcorn, juice, and cover, sprawled out on the family room floor, lights off, enjoying my movie.

Even though Freddy Krueger was this evil horrible monster, I always found him to be entertaining to watch. In my opinion he was the funny scary man. While all the other scary movie characters like Jason, and Micheal Myers were always so damn serious, Freddy Krueger always threw in a good joke here and there to give you a good chuckle.

I really hope and pray that this re-make of Nightmare on Elm Street doesn’t disappoint me. Because over the past 10-15 years, scary movies have been horrible; they’re not even scary,which pisses me off.

Regardless if I am still sick or not, I will be at the movie theater tomorrow to see this movie, even if I go by myself. Yess it’s that serious. I will make sure to come back and do a blog on my opinion of this re-make.


What? Did Target Pay For This Video?

Okay, so I just watched this “Up Out My Face” video by Mariah Carey 3 times, psychoanalyzing it with a fine tooth comb, and I still don’t get it (I know I’m late but I don’t watch music videos, it bores me). I felt like I was watching a Target commercial or something.

I love me some Mariah Carey, but this video didn’t do for me.

And please don’t even get me started on Nicki Minaj. She has always been a “no go” in my book! But I will give it to her, she has really made a name for herself, and she has a huge following of teenie boopers behind her. I’m only one person who doesn’t care for her music, but she has millions that adore her. So with that being said….ummmm..get money I guess.


Sex....is it really that serious?

SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE! Why is it that men think women are supposed to give them a automatic “coochie coupon”!? As if they automatically deserve the sh*t or something. I don’t understand this craziness.

When guys find out I’m not giving up the pu**y, it’s as if I just f*ckin’ sh*tted in their ear. WTF? They look at me in shock and disbelief.

I mean damn, is it possible to meet someone, hit it off, and later on down the line maybe have sex? Why is it that you want to f*ck so fast? Nigga are you dieing and your last wish is to get in some pu**y? I didn’t know “having sex” was on the list for the “Make a Wish Foundation” *rolls eyes*

I’m getting older and wiser. Before I thought it was okay to go ahead and have sex just for the hell of it, no strings attached. But now I want the strings, I want to be in a relationship with the person I am intimate with. Plus,in the world we live in today, it’s extremely not okay to go around having sex with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, especially unprotected (not saying that’s what I was doing). I will admit I have had my three slip ups when it comes down to having sex without a condom, and thank God I never caught anything in these moments of passion. Some of these guys have dirty d*cks, and don’t care who they spread their “nastiness” to, all they want is a warm place to insert their infested penis. And you nasty a** hoes are to blame also. A lot of you b*tches know you have a STD, and will still f*ck…nasty a**. SMFH!

I’m good, and that is why I don’t want to give up my “love box” to just anyone.

Number 1: If you want to be intimate with me, get to know me, show interest, make me see you’re a man of real trust.
Number 2: Be ready to take a trip with me to the clinic to have a HIV/AIDS, and STD’s test before we lay up with each other, even if it is protected. I know I have a clean bill of health, and I can prove it, but can you prove that you are clean?
Number 3: You have to pass the HIV/AIDS, and STD’s test with flying colors, point blank.
And number 4: Understand that you are with me and I am with you. I won’t let anyone dip into my goodies, and you won’t dip into another persons goodies.

If you ask me, sex is overrated in my eyes. Guys love to brag on their d*ck, as well as females like to brag on their pu**y. Everybody thinks they are bringing something new to the table, but sike…you’re not. You didn’t invent sex, you didn’t create a new art form that the world can’t wait to get a piece of……GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE! I never had a piece of d*ck that made me sit there and be like “DAMN THAT WAS F*CKIN AWESOME”. And don’t say “because I haven’t found the right person to give it to me right”..(BTW, I’m tiered of hearing that bullsh*t whack a** line). In my opinion I think sex will always be “just whatever” until I meet someone I have mental connection with. When and if that day happens, lets just say that that will be the day I will be pouring down like the Niagara Falls. #imjustsaying

Just Another Day On MUNI………*kanye shrug*

I love being African American. But this is the type of sh*t makes me feel embarrassed for my race. We get a bad name from people like this woman (in the video below).

Granted, I don’t know what it was that set this woman off, and made her want to go bad on the asian lady, but whatever it was I’m sure it was nothing serious.

We [black people] have tendency to think we are the stronger race, and can beat the asses of all other races, which is not true. In high school I remember seeing a fight where the white girl beat the hell out of a black girl. And guess who was the one initiated the fight? DING DING DING..the black girl.

All I’m trying to say other than this is some embarrassing but yet funny sh*t to watch, is learn how to pick your battles, or be prepared to get your ass beat. *kanye shrug*

Side Note: I don’t condone violence in any kind of way, but you can’t help but to impressed by the way the asian lady squared up with the black lady. #teamasianlady Whoot Whoot!

No more clubs for me….NO BUENO!

I’m too old for this “clubbing” sh*t! And this was confirmed when I went out this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I had a damn great time, but I was really messed up the next day. I wasn’t sick to my stomach or anything like that, I just couldn’t seem to pull it together. My energy was completely zapped, and I still felt a lil drunk.

While I was going to school in Atlanta, my roommates and I clubbed every single damn night. We were wild as hell. Anywhere and everywhere we went, we made it in to a party. At that time I was 19-22 years old. I will be 29 in June and I can’t do all those crazy things anymore. I’m more content with going out to eat, dinner parties, doing happy hour with the girls, traveling, movies, and bowling. All of these things is what I consider fun.

Allow me to give you my top 5 reasons why I’m completely retiring from the club scene:

1.) My hair always gets f*cked up (anyone who knows me knows how I feel about my hair not looking right).
2.) Bay Area clubs are lightweight wack as hell, and the only way that you will enjoy yourself is if you’re drunk.
3.) People don’t know how to act.
4.) I’m just over the whole “clubbing” scene.
5.) I’m too old, it’s a wrap.

I refuse to be the old ass lady out in the middle of someones dance floor, with a drink in her hand, doing the stanky leg…that’s not cute. In my opinion they’re so many other fun things to do other than going clubbing, you just have to find them.


Facebook Preachers. Can I Get A Amen *rolls eyes*

Hate me for having to touch on this subject, but it must be done *shrugs shoulders*.

People and their damn facebook status messages… SHUT THE F*CK UP! Please! Every damn person wants to be a philosopher or preacher on there. Don’t get me wrong, I love the inspirational uplifting messages, the funny statuses about peoples day, or the cute updates about peoples kids. All of these things are facebook worthy, but arguing, and trying to call people out on the under is ridiculous. I can admit that I have said some pretty crazy, not nice things on my facebook statuses a few times, and once I realized how tacky it was I stopped.

But something that drives me crazy, are the facebook fronters. The ones that try to act like they have all the answers in the world and try to preach on there about how you should do this or you shouldn’t do that. Do people really feel the need to front like that for their past classmates and present friends? Is it that serious?!

When I read the things these certain group of people post, I sometimes have the urge to really call them out, put them on blast, and let them know they read that sh*t from a fortune cookies or the back of a Lucky Charms box.

Basically some people like feeling relevant when they’re irrelevant. They are concerned with how many people “liked” or “commented” on their status message. This gives them a boost in their ego and makes them feel like they’re somebody. They even go as far as researching this sh*t to make the “perfect” status message post. Taking valuable time out their day to put full effort in to something they don’t get paid for, or isn’t even a hobby,SMFH.

It’s quite comical at times to me because I personally know the people that are saying these philosophical/”preacherish” things, and believe me, they aint about sh*t. I know this for a fact. I wouldn’t take advice from these people if someone said they would pay me to listen to their non-sense. No bueno.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t post inspirational quotes, but when you do, do it because it truly means something to you. Don’t do it because you want to be noticed as the “Great FaceBook Preacher/Philosopher”..*rolls eyes*

And She is Back!

No excuses! I know I keep on doing disappearing acts on you guys [my readers]. Please accept my apologizes, and just know that I’m back and I have a shit load of things to talk about.
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Thank you guys for your emails and concerns. You’re the best handful of readers a girl could ever ask for!