This is some bullsh*t! (2 year old boy smoking)

Really?! What the f*ck is this f*ckery?!

So I guess in Indonesia it’s cool to let a 2 year old smoke, and film him while he is doing it *rolls eyes*. This is pure craziness, this Indonesian kid is smoking like he has been doing this since he was in the womb. He probably can’t even piss in the toilet by himself, yet alone even tell his parents when he sh*tted in his diaper. Judging by the way the people are sitting around this child while he smokes a cigarette, this doesn’t seem to be a big deal. Apparently this type of f*ckery is considered normal in their eyes.

Damn shame!

I wonder if people in Indonesia think we (Americans) are crazy for not letting our children smoke at the age of 2 *shrug shoulders*.

This is not cool on so many levels. I’m sure that the family of this child is poor, and saw an opportunity to capitalize on their child’s smoking abilities. But something that really bothers me is the fact that someone saw this a chance to exploit a family in a struggling country. Just goes to show people ain’t about sh*t if it does not benefit their selfish needs. Instead of helping this family by showing them the harm that will come to their child by letting him smoke, they would much rather show how unstructured the parents are, sad.

Click HERE to watch this foolishness. SMFH!


Can someone please tell the old Lil Kim I miss her? Thanks!

Awwww, where is my old Lil Kim, I miss her!

Every morning like clockwork, it is a must that I play “Can’t Fuck With Queen Bee” , one of my favorite Lil Kim songs. I kind of think it as one of my theme songs *shrugs shoulders*.

“Like a bottle of fine wine, I just get better with time”.

Awww You Love My Randomness!

Awwwww, guess what?! I’m on my 53rd blog entry (whoot whoot)!!!!!

When I decided I wanted to start my own blog, I really didn’t know the direction I was going in. In the beginning I said that I wanted to blog about my life, but later figured that would be real boring (lol). Then I said I would do a fashion blog since fashion is my passion, but decided not to do that either. Finally I decided on doing a blog about random subjects, which seems to be the route most bloggers usually go in anyway.

To be honest with you guys, I didn’t think people would actually read what I wrote, and subscribe to my blog. But when I noticed people were interested in what I had to say, and wanted to read more, it motivated me to keep writing.

Thank you to my handful of readers; I really appreciate your emails and comments. I’m happy to know that they’re random minded people like myself that want to hear the crazy sh*t have to say.

Sit back and continue this crazy ride through this very open minded brain of mine. I have a lot more to say, and I don’t plan on shutting up any time soon.


Chris Brown “No Bullsh*t” Video….DAMN!!!

As I was doing my regular visit to Miss Jia’s entertainment blog (the best entertainment blog in my opinion), I came across Chris Brown’s new video “No Bullshit”, and all I can say is “well damn”.

Never in a million years have I looked at Chris Brown as “fine” or “sexy”. In my mind he was the little boy that my nieces loved, and my nephews tried to dance like. But sh*t, my perception of him has totally changed, I’m damn near ready to fight these lil groupies for a piece of that Chris Brown pie (mmm mm mmm).

I’m looking forward to seeing Chris Brown making a big comeback. Yeah, he made a f*cked up decision by putting his hands on Rhi Rhi, but what he did has nothing to do with his talent. It’s already bad enough that the entertainment industry lacks talented people, so to try to eliminate someone that has undeniable talent would be a big mistake.

Sh*t, leave Chris Brown alone and let him do what he does best.

[I have watched this about 7 times. I really love the song and video, it’s HOT! If someone said to me “don’t you be on that bullshit”…they can automatically get the panties from me..hands down. I’m joking, but at the same time I’m being serious, It’s been a long time. *shrugs shoulders*…don’t judge me]

Living A Healthier Lifestyle…

Over the last couple of weeks I have been eating like crazy (no I am not pregnant).Majority of the things I have consumed has been junk food, which is not good at all. I have been sluggish, and my stomach constantly hurts, and with that being said, I must change my eating habits now before they change me.

This week I will be undergoing a body cleanse by fasting for 7 days. I have fasted in the past, and let me be the first to tell you it’s not easy. You have to mentally be prepared for what your body is going to go through. The first 3 days are the worst and can really break you down, but it’s all mental. Eating is sometimes habitual, we tend to sometimes only eat because we feel that is what we have to do at that moment. Don’t get me wrong, yes we all must eat in order to survive, but lets be honest, half the time you’re stuffing your face you’re not really hungry.

While on my body cleanse fast, I will only consume water. If my body starts going through a shock, I am allowed to have 1 glass of fresh orange juice. This fast will not be easy to say the least, but it is something I must do in order to jump start my body change inside and out. I’m truly on a quest to be a healthier me, and I plan on continuing on this quest until my last days on this earth.

I will keep you guys posted everyday on how this fasting thing is working out for me. Pray for me please, because prayer what I’m going to need the most. *sigh*


I have a question to my handful of readers.
What does the age difference have to be in order for a woman to be considered a “cougar”? The reason why I ask this is because I think I may be entering in to “cougar” territory.

Over the last couple of months, I have noticed a pattern, and that pattern is majority of the guys I have gone out with have been younger than me.

Don’t go thinking I’m dating these little 18 year olds, because that is not the case. The age difference is usually between 5-6 years, and honestly, they are all very mature.

I have dated people that were about 4-7 years older than me (I’m 28) that didn’t even have the mental capacity of 20 a year old (damn that is bad).

Allow me to make something clear; I’m not a “sugar mama”. Nah boo, I don’t pass out money for the company of a young male tenderoni..LOL! Everything is done 50/50 just like any other friendship/relationship.

Sh*t, if I’m a “cougar”, oh well, “I’ll Bee Dat” (Redman voice).


Who Wants To “Sign Language” Dance? Any Takers?

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I la la la love to dance. Yes, I’m the girl that dances in front of the mirror, and gives the chair a lap dance (don’t judge me). In my opinion it is a great stress reliever, and a sh*t load of fun.

When and if I ever get in to a relationship, I plan on being my mans private dancer (once again, don’t judge me). Their would be no reason for him to go to the strip club because he would have his own personal stripper at home (I’m just saying).

A new dance craze that I just can’t understand or get with is this “sign language/mime” dancing (at least that’s what I call it).

Seeing people dancing to a song and literally doing a move to what the person is singing, or making a move to every beat, is so irritating to look at.

When did dancing become so literal? Whatever happened to “JUST DANCING”?

Watch the video below, and you will see what I mean by this “sign language/mime” dancing…ugh (this guy is so not cool. F- for effort).

Okay, so now you see what I mean by the “sign language/mime” dancing. Now take a look at what “REAL DANCING” used to be.

Now that’s what I call DANCING boo, I don’t know what that other sh*t was!!!!!!!

Neighbors Know My Name….His Version

What the f*ckery?!

I won’t go in on this guy like I really want to, for the simple fact he put his heart in to singing this song.

I just have two questions.

Question #1. Is he singing from his cheeks or throat?
Question #2. Is he wearing dress shoes or tap shoes to make that sound?

*shrugs shoulders*

Men, Lets Converse.

Boy I tell ya about these simple silly chicks like Kat Stacks. I promised myself I wouldn’t mention her name on my blog, but I just couldn’t resist.

No I’m not about to go in on ol’ girl (Kat Stacks), because even though I think she is a simple minded female, I’m not really mad at her for exposing the people she has exposed. All these guys want to talk so bad on her…”she’s a hoe”…”she’s a slut”…but guess what buddy, you f*cked her, so what does that make you? You can’t call the kettle black when your ass is the blackest of the blackest..I’m just saying. If I’m mad at anyone in this situation, it’s the guys.

Men, allow me to talk freely and openly to you for a minute. I just want you know that I love you all (some more than others), and actually appreciate you. I have a tendency to be a little hard you guys from time to time, but that is because you make thee most dumbest decisions. Damn, why do you ALWAYS end up messing with the silliest bitch in the world, and then get mad when she puts you out on front street, or tries to trick you out of your money? These females out here will try to get you for your last nickel, just so they can hold it up and shout to the world about how they broke you. And then they will talk about you because all you had was nickel to your name; they will call you a “broke n*gga” until they are blue in the face. But don’t be made at them, be made at yourself. Give yourself a nice black eye, because you allowed the shit to happen. Men, get it together, I mean damn, it’s not hard to identify these silly, simple, one track minded bitches. Allow me to help you out and give you some warning signs.

1.) If you go to a females house, and it is nasty, filthy, mc dirty, but when you met her she had a nice outfit on, hair and nails done..well I hate to say it..but she ain’t about shit. Any woman that can’t take care of home, but wants to be thee flyest thing walking has her priorities disarray.

2.) If you can smell her stank twat when she sits next to you…leave her alone, the chick has some kind of infestation and is ready to pass it on to you without any guilt.

3.) If you know at least 3 people that ran up in her and she never settled down with none of them..let that rat walk, because 9 times out of 10 she is a hoe, and is happy being a hoe.

4.) If you see her on at least 2 social networks with her ass and titties all exposed…don’t even bother sending her a message because she isn’t checking for you boo, she’s checking those pockets.

5.) If you always find that you’re one that pays for everything, or if she consistently has her hand out….keep it moving, before you find yourself broke.

6.) If you have a funny feeling in your gut about this girl….you’re probably right. Leave that chick where you met her…in the gutter.

Men, I’m giving you a heads up because I’m tiered of the once upon a time “goods men” feeling like they have to now dog every female out. Just remember, there is a difference between Women and Bitches, it’s up to you to pick the one that best suits your needs. Be smart.

Damn Google is Good! (super random post)

Can we talk for a minute about the power of Google?

A couple of months ago I was listening to the radio, and at the moment they were doing the traffic report. The music in the background quickly got my attention which made me lose interest about all of the traffic I would run in to on 80. As the instrumental version of this song played, I made mental note to look up what song that was.

So I get home, run to my computer, log on, go to Google, and BOOM….I’m stuck, because I have no clue of how to look for this song. I sat there for a minute just staring at the screen, and finally the light bulb went off in my head; I decided to do the Google search under “hip hop songs with loud horns”. Yeah I know it sounds part retarded to look for the song under that, but guess worked!! HAHA! Uh yes yes y’all, your girl found the song she was looking for with the help of Google.

When I learned the song was by one of my all time favorite groups, Outkast, I was disappointed in myself, I should have already known this information. Anywho, the name of the song is “SpottieOttieDopalicious”, and in true Outkast fashion, it’s different from anything you ever heard. I don’t know what it is, but I have always attracted to songs with loud, distinctive, horns featured in the beat (example:HERE), and the horns on this beat are crazy! With me having the old soul I have, it’s only natural for me to like this song; it’s so retro.

Google will always be the search engine I swear by; Yahoo, MSN, and AOL search engines super suck!!! BOOOOOO!