What? Did Target Pay For This Video?

Okay, so I just watched this “Up Out My Face” video by Mariah Carey 3 times, psychoanalyzing it with a fine tooth comb, and I still don’t get it (I know I’m late but I don’t watch music videos, it bores me). I felt like I was watching a Target commercial or something.

I love me some Mariah Carey, but this video didn’t do for me.

And please don’t even get me started on Nicki Minaj. She has always been a “no go” in my book! But I will give it to her, she has really made a name for herself, and she has a huge following of teenie boopers behind her. I’m only one person who doesn’t care for her music, but she has millions that adore her. So with that being said….ummmm..get money I guess.


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