Facebook Preachers. Can I Get A Amen *rolls eyes*

Hate me for having to touch on this subject, but it must be done *shrugs shoulders*.

People and their damn facebook status messages… SHUT THE F*CK UP! Please! Every damn person wants to be a philosopher or preacher on there. Don’t get me wrong, I love the inspirational uplifting messages, the funny statuses about peoples day, or the cute updates about peoples kids. All of these things are facebook worthy, but arguing, and trying to call people out on the under is ridiculous. I can admit that I have said some pretty crazy, not nice things on my facebook statuses a few times, and once I realized how tacky it was I stopped.

But something that drives me crazy, are the facebook fronters. The ones that try to act like they have all the answers in the world and try to preach on there about how you should do this or you shouldn’t do that. Do people really feel the need to front like that for their past classmates and present friends? Is it that serious?!

When I read the things these certain group of people post, I sometimes have the urge to really call them out, put them on blast, and let them know they read that sh*t from a fortune cookies or the back of a Lucky Charms box.

Basically some people like feeling relevant when they’re irrelevant. They are concerned with how many people “liked” or “commented” on their status message. This gives them a boost in their ego and makes them feel like they’re somebody. They even go as far as researching this sh*t to make the “perfect” status message post. Taking valuable time out their day to put full effort in to something they don’t get paid for, or isn’t even a hobby,SMFH.

It’s quite comical at times to me because I personally know the people that are saying these philosophical/”preacherish” things, and believe me, they aint about sh*t. I know this for a fact. I wouldn’t take advice from these people if someone said they would pay me to listen to their non-sense. No bueno.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t post inspirational quotes, but when you do, do it because it truly means something to you. Don’t do it because you want to be noticed as the “Great FaceBook Preacher/Philosopher”..*rolls eyes*


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