Music, My Motivation!

I breath, eat, sleep and sh*t music (I know that last part wasn’t really “lady like” for me to say.. oh well). Certain types of music puts me in a certain frame of mind; and I find the older I get that more eclectic I become.

Wale’s album, beginning to end, takes me to the land of motivation. Some people may consider some of his lyrics as ignorant or offensive, but the clear cut reason behind that is the limited level of comprehension of the words; a common mistake made by many. I call these people “beat listeners” .

But back to Wale’s album being my motivation music. I hear pure poetry in his words, and yes I understand that music is poetry, but it’s something about Wale’s deliverance, it’s flawless. F*ck what ya heard or feel, it’s my opinion. 


“F*ck FAME, F*ck MONEY, F*ck EVERYTHING ANYONE can take from me. It ain’t hard to make MONEY. We young N*ggas, we just tryna be LEGENDARY.” – Wale – Legendary


Tell em’ Straight Up, No Chaser

I haven’t blogged in forever, I know. I’m doing something that most of us do on a daily – LIFE. Now that we have that out the way, I shall proceed. Oh, yeah I hope all is well with my handful of readers!

Happy, sad, mad, excited, scared, ecstatic….what do all of these words have in common? They are all connected to a central nerve in the brain that produces a thing called feelings/emotions. And when these feelings are provoked, the actions can either be good or bad.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not to fond of someone playing with my emotions. Tell me how you feel just how I like my drinks – STRAIGHT, NO CHASER. Thank God that in most cases I can smell the BS from a mile away and nip that sh*t in the bud. Yes, I have played with a persons feelings before. And no it was not nice of me to do it, but I did, just like I’m sure you have too. But in my recent and older years, playing games with people no longer stimulates me, instead I find HONESTY to be a lot more satisfying. Allow me to give you an example: I was on the phone with someone that I was speaking to for the first time. Conversation was going great until he began to irritate me with his goofiness (I love FUNNY, I hate GOOFY) and his excessive need to want to change the topic while I’m in mid sentence (rude). As this now turned pointless convoversation carried on, I felt the blood in my body boiling. Here is where my honesty took over. He asked me what is one on my biggest flaws – my answer: the fact I get irritated easily. He proceeds to ask what irritates me. I paused for a minute, took a deep breath and said…”ummm I’m not feeling this, I don’t think we really have anything in common, I’m sorry”. *Crickets* – dead silence. Finally he says “no problem, no need to be sorry and thank you for saying something”. We ended the conversation there and continued on with our lives. There was no need for me to string this boy along any longer. I got the scissors and cut that sh*t off the minute I knew I wasn’t feeling him.

No, I’m not in the business of hurting a persons feelings, but I am in the business of NOT wasting time. And if that means that I have to voice how I feel in a situation I’m not feeling, so be it.

I’m just saying, the games you once played as a child are no longer cute as an adult. Cease with the dodging a persons phone calls/texts, and coming up with lame ass stories about how busy you have been… it gets old after the second time you use that excuse. Speak up, let a person know “yo, I’m not feeling you”… and everyone can go on with their merry little lives. Yeah the person may think of you as an a**hole at that moment, but in the end you’re at least left with that persons respect.