Music, My Motivation!

I breath, eat, sleep and sh*t music (I know that last part wasn’t really “lady like” for me to say.. oh well). Certain types of music puts me in a certain frame of mind; and I find the older I get that more eclectic I become.

Wale’s album, beginning to end, takes me to the land of motivation. Some people may consider some of his lyrics as ignorant or offensive, but the clear cut reason behind that is the limited level of comprehension of the words; a common mistake made by many. I call these people “beat listeners” .

But back to Wale’s album being my motivation music. I hear pure poetry in his words, and yes I understand that music is poetry, but it’s something about Wale’s deliverance, it’s flawless. F*ck what ya heard or feel, it’s my opinion. 


“F*ck FAME, F*ck MONEY, F*ck EVERYTHING ANYONE can take from me. It ain’t hard to make MONEY. We young N*ggas, we just tryna be LEGENDARY.” – Wale – Legendary


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