Whomp Whomp.. I’m Back!…AGAIN!

Damn has it really been three months since my last blog entry? That is a damn shame, and makes not a bit of sense…well in a way it does make sense. If I really sat here and broke down all of the things that I have been through in the last three months, you would completely understand my reason for not blogging. From starting my own LEGIT (licensed and all) business, getting a new bad ass dog by the name of Munchkin, and everything else in between, I really haven’t had the time to dedicate to blogging =(. I know I have made this promise to my precious faithful handful of readers before, but when I say this I really really mean it this time….I MS.NICETEE, PROMISE NOT TO FALL OFF ON MY BLOGGING DUTIES. So with that being said, prepare yourself to read what other crazy but yet truthful things I have to say. KISSES!


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