Whomp Whomp.. I’m Back!…AGAIN!

Damn has it really been three months since my last blog entry? That is a damn shame, and makes not a bit of sense…well in a way it does make sense. If I really sat here and broke down all of the things that I have been through in the last three months, you would completely understand my reason for not blogging. From starting my own LEGIT (licensed and all) business, getting a new bad ass dog by the name of Munchkin, and everything else in between, I really haven’t had the time to dedicate to blogging =(. I know I have made this promise to my precious faithful handful of readers before, but when I say this I really really mean it this time….I MS.NICETEE, PROMISE NOT TO FALL OFF ON MY BLOGGING DUTIES. So with that being said, prepare yourself to read what other crazy but yet truthful things I have to say. KISSES!


When Giving Up Is A Great Thing To Do

All my life I always heard “never give up”. These words have been planted in us by family members, friends, and teachers. Do you really feel in your heart these words are true? Well in my opinion I don’t think so, and I believe their is an exception to this rule.

Dreams and goals are two things you should never give up on. But I do believe they’re some things worth letting go, and that is failed relationships. Question. What is the point of trying to hold on to something that constantly slips out of your hands? It’s useless right?

Allow me to get personal without getting too personal.

Over the last couple of years I have found myself hooking up/dating the same people I dated when I was about 15 to 21 years old (pretty damn sad). With all of these social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, and even Twitter, it is very easy for so called “old flings” to get back in contact with you, and try to rekindle what you two once had.

Well silly me, I always seem to fall in to the “let’s get back together” trap every time; thinking things will be different, but they’re not. The same childish time consuming games that were played in the past, are still presently played. The only difference is they are now being played as adults, which is wack, played out, and no longer cute. I can admit, things seem to be great in the beginning. We would talk about the past, laugh about the little silly things we used to do, chat about our future hopes of possibly being together again, blah blah blah, and bullsh*t. I have turned pretty callus to all of these false hopes, and I can officially say I’m done. Whether it was my fault or their fault as to why things things didn’t work out, it doesn’t matter because its a wrap.

From this day forward, I vow I will not hook up with another guy from my past, I’m over it. This is not to say that I will never speak to these people again. But it will be more on a “hey how are you, hope you have a great life” type conversation. No more relationship talk. Been there, done that; it’s time to give it up and move on.

My true belief as to why I always found myself with the same guys from my past, is due to fear of having to start from scratch with someone new. A lot us find comfort in sticking with what we know, which is a normal human feeling. I am currently learning that being comfortable with the familiar is not always a good thing, because you are setting restrictions for yourself; restrictions on learning and growing. I’m ready to see who else is out there, and not box myself in with the same guys. Regardless of what people think, I am still young, and I have ample opportunity to meet someone that can and will stimulate all of my senses mentally, physically, and emotionally.

With all of this being said, I am saying so long to all the guys that have come, gone, and came back into my life; I’m officially giving up. It’s been real, a little to real. Here’s a kiss for the road. Muah!

Okay…my fault!! But allow me explain!

To my handful of readers, I want to say thank you for coming and reading my random thought on a daily basis. I am very sorry that I slacked off once again, but I promise it is not done on purpose.

#1. My internet was down for a while.
#2. I have been crazy busy with trying to open this cupcake business thing (save that for later).
And…drumroll please
#3. A shellfish attacked me. And when I say this, I mean as in I got sick from eating a very small amount of shellfish by accident, which I am VERY allergic to. (Long story, don’t ask)

So there you have it people, those are my beyond logical reasons as to why I was unable to blog. Anywho I’m back, and that’s all that matters.