I have a question to my handful of readers.
What does the age difference have to be in order for a woman to be considered a “cougar”? The reason why I ask this is because I think I may be entering in to “cougar” territory.

Over the last couple of months, I have noticed a pattern, and that pattern is majority of the guys I have gone out with have been younger than me.

Don’t go thinking I’m dating these little 18 year olds, because that is not the case. The age difference is usually between 5-6 years, and honestly, they are all very mature.

I have dated people that were about 4-7 years older than me (I’m 28) that didn’t even have the mental capacity of 20 a year old (damn that is bad).

Allow me to make something clear; I’m not a “sugar mama”. Nah boo, I don’t pass out money for the company of a young male tenderoni..LOL! Everything is done 50/50 just like any other friendship/relationship.

Sh*t, if I’m a “cougar”, oh well, “I’ll Bee Dat” (Redman voice).



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