Neighbors Know My Name….His Version

What the f*ckery?!

I won’t go in on this guy like I really want to, for the simple fact he put his heart in to singing this song.

I just have two questions.

Question #1. Is he singing from his cheeks or throat?
Question #2. Is he wearing dress shoes or tap shoes to make that sound?

*shrugs shoulders*


Men, Lets Converse.

Boy I tell ya about these simple silly chicks like Kat Stacks. I promised myself I wouldn’t mention her name on my blog, but I just couldn’t resist.

No I’m not about to go in on ol’ girl (Kat Stacks), because even though I think she is a simple minded female, I’m not really mad at her for exposing the people she has exposed. All these guys want to talk so bad on her…”she’s a hoe”…”she’s a slut”…but guess what buddy, you f*cked her, so what does that make you? You can’t call the kettle black when your ass is the blackest of the blackest..I’m just saying. If I’m mad at anyone in this situation, it’s the guys.

Men, allow me to talk freely and openly to you for a minute. I just want you know that I love you all (some more than others), and actually appreciate you. I have a tendency to be a little hard you guys from time to time, but that is because you make thee most dumbest decisions. Damn, why do you ALWAYS end up messing with the silliest bitch in the world, and then get mad when she puts you out on front street, or tries to trick you out of your money? These females out here will try to get you for your last nickel, just so they can hold it up and shout to the world about how they broke you. And then they will talk about you because all you had was nickel to your name; they will call you a “broke n*gga” until they are blue in the face. But don’t be made at them, be made at yourself. Give yourself a nice black eye, because you allowed the shit to happen. Men, get it together, I mean damn, it’s not hard to identify these silly, simple, one track minded bitches. Allow me to help you out and give you some warning signs.

1.) If you go to a females house, and it is nasty, filthy, mc dirty, but when you met her she had a nice outfit on, hair and nails done..well I hate to say it..but she ain’t about shit. Any woman that can’t take care of home, but wants to be thee flyest thing walking has her priorities disarray.

2.) If you can smell her stank twat when she sits next to you…leave her alone, the chick has some kind of infestation and is ready to pass it on to you without any guilt.

3.) If you know at least 3 people that ran up in her and she never settled down with none of them..let that rat walk, because 9 times out of 10 she is a hoe, and is happy being a hoe.

4.) If you see her on at least 2 social networks with her ass and titties all exposed…don’t even bother sending her a message because she isn’t checking for you boo, she’s checking those pockets.

5.) If you always find that you’re one that pays for everything, or if she consistently has her hand out….keep it moving, before you find yourself broke.

6.) If you have a funny feeling in your gut about this girl….you’re probably right. Leave that chick where you met her…in the gutter.

Men, I’m giving you a heads up because I’m tiered of the once upon a time “goods men” feeling like they have to now dog every female out. Just remember, there is a difference between Women and Bitches, it’s up to you to pick the one that best suits your needs. Be smart.

My Take, My Opinion on the Nightmare on Elm Street Movie

I know my take on the Nightmare on Elm Street movie is late, but you have no idea how busy I have been.

The new Freddy Krueger look

So I saw the movie twice. The first time I viewed it I went with my two nieces. They jumped and screamed every 20 seconds, and it was truly pissing me off. I couldn’t get in to the movie because I had both of them pulling on my arm through the entire movie. The second time I went to see the movie was with a friend, and I was able to sit back and fully take in the movie without the distractions of my ever so beloved nieces *rolls eyes*.

I can honestly say that I was very impressed with the directors vision. He was aiming to give the movie a newer feel but yet still using the same formula of the original movie. The only thing I was lightweight not feeling was this newer looking Freddy Krueger.

The new Freddy....ehh

I understand that the director wanted to give Freddy a foreal burn victim look, but Freddy is a classic character, and you can’t go changing his look thinking that Nightmare On Elm Street fans will be happy with this change. Freddy’s look is a part of what made him, and I personally think they should not have messed with that.

Anywho, I personally think the movie was good, I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. I don’t want to spoil the movie for the people who want to see it but haven’t yet, so I won’t give out too much info; lets just say I think the movie is worth going to see.

Facebook Preachers. Can I Get A Amen *rolls eyes*

Hate me for having to touch on this subject, but it must be done *shrugs shoulders*.

People and their damn facebook status messages… SHUT THE F*CK UP! Please! Every damn person wants to be a philosopher or preacher on there. Don’t get me wrong, I love the inspirational uplifting messages, the funny statuses about peoples day, or the cute updates about peoples kids. All of these things are facebook worthy, but arguing, and trying to call people out on the under is ridiculous. I can admit that I have said some pretty crazy, not nice things on my facebook statuses a few times, and once I realized how tacky it was I stopped.

But something that drives me crazy, are the facebook fronters. The ones that try to act like they have all the answers in the world and try to preach on there about how you should do this or you shouldn’t do that. Do people really feel the need to front like that for their past classmates and present friends? Is it that serious?!

When I read the things these certain group of people post, I sometimes have the urge to really call them out, put them on blast, and let them know they read that sh*t from a fortune cookies or the back of a Lucky Charms box.

Basically some people like feeling relevant when they’re irrelevant. They are concerned with how many people “liked” or “commented” on their status message. This gives them a boost in their ego and makes them feel like they’re somebody. They even go as far as researching this sh*t to make the “perfect” status message post. Taking valuable time out their day to put full effort in to something they don’t get paid for, or isn’t even a hobby,SMFH.

It’s quite comical at times to me because I personally know the people that are saying these philosophical/”preacherish” things, and believe me, they aint about sh*t. I know this for a fact. I wouldn’t take advice from these people if someone said they would pay me to listen to their non-sense. No bueno.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t post inspirational quotes, but when you do, do it because it truly means something to you. Don’t do it because you want to be noticed as the “Great FaceBook Preacher/Philosopher”..*rolls eyes*

Yesss! I La La La Love This Song!!

HEYYYY!! *DOING MY INFAMOUS TRADEMARK DANCE*. Billy Blue made himself a brand new fan, ME! As we all know, I love all types of music, except for that head banger stuff, I can’t get with that (no ma’am no sir).
I have my moments when I want to hear something inspirational, and I have my moments when I want to hear something that is borderline ignorant (don’t judge). Subjecting myself to one type of music is what I will not do. With me, it’s either I like it or I don’t, and I do like this Fresh From Head To Toe by Billy Blue.

K.I.S.S….as in Keep It Simple Stupid..

I find it strange that a person would put “it’s complicated” as a relationship status. I know they’re different levels of relationships, but if you don’t have a real title (not some made up ass title), or your not comfortable in your relationship, why not say your single, or just put “n/a”? Saying “it’s complicated” makes other people question your judgement. And while the masses say they don’t care what other people think of them…well atleast question yourself. Is it really that serious?

I don’t understand, and maybe it’s not for me to understand. But I do know that nine times out of ten the other person who your having this complicated relationship with, is happily marking that “single” or “n/a” box without hesitation…trust.

I will be the first to tell you, that I am quick to mark that single box without even thinking twice. If you can’t say “yes I’m in a relationship with so and so” or “I’m married to blah blah blah”, well that means you are single. Accept it or jump rope and get over it. K.I.S.S