The Not So Lovely World Of Dating. Thumbs Way Down!

Dating is a cold game, and you would think it would get easier as you get older….SIKE..

Yeah, okay, I guess

I have been single for some time now. My famous line in the past was “I like being single. I’m happy I don’t have to answer to anyone”. Well I’m damn near 30 years old and my views and opinions have shifted; I’m thinking differently, some would say clearer. Is it wrong of me to ask for a MAN who knows what his priorities are in life, is a go-getter, and is NOT caught up in all the superficial things in life? I mean damn, do these type of men even exist anymore or are they extinct? I have questions that need to be answered.

Yes, I must admit, I do have a brick wall up and I am not the easiest person to get to know. I have trust issues and I’m not the only woman in the world that does (men are included too). Would I ever hold the next man accountable for what the last person did to me? No. Will I have on my suit of armor when the next person comes too close to my heart? Yes, it would only be human nature for me to do so.

The whole cat and mouse game that usually comes with dating is not for me. The few little meaningless relationships I have been in, the guy felt that I never put my all in to it, and they were damn skippy about that one. Why would I put my all in to someone when he is not giving me the attention I am seeking from him? Seriously. What you put in is what I put out, (at least in relationships) simple as that. If your not calling me, well I’m damn sure not calling you. If your short with me (i.e not having much to say) well I guarantee you I’m gonna be short with you. Its an easy science to this sh*t, nothing complicated.

Some may think that my way of looking at the situation is petty, but it is what is. When I begin dating a guy I come in to the situation with a open mind and just a little guarded. I make sure I give the person a chance to show what they are about and are they serious about getting to know me. It’s their choice to want to either A, f*ck up that chance or B, take the chance and see where things go.

Okay I’m done talking about this dating topic. Hopefully the dating gods will be a little nicer to me in the future because this sh*t is for the birds


Awww You Love My Randomness!

Awwwww, guess what?! I’m on my 53rd blog entry (whoot whoot)!!!!!

When I decided I wanted to start my own blog, I really didn’t know the direction I was going in. In the beginning I said that I wanted to blog about my life, but later figured that would be real boring (lol). Then I said I would do a fashion blog since fashion is my passion, but decided not to do that either. Finally I decided on doing a blog about random subjects, which seems to be the route most bloggers usually go in anyway.

To be honest with you guys, I didn’t think people would actually read what I wrote, and subscribe to my blog. But when I noticed people were interested in what I had to say, and wanted to read more, it motivated me to keep writing.

Thank you to my handful of readers; I really appreciate your emails and comments. I’m happy to know that they’re random minded people like myself that want to hear the crazy sh*t have to say.

Sit back and continue this crazy ride through this very open minded brain of mine. I have a lot more to say, and I don’t plan on shutting up any time soon.


Living A Healthier Lifestyle…

Over the last couple of weeks I have been eating like crazy (no I am not pregnant).Majority of the things I have consumed has been junk food, which is not good at all. I have been sluggish, and my stomach constantly hurts, and with that being said, I must change my eating habits now before they change me.

This week I will be undergoing a body cleanse by fasting for 7 days. I have fasted in the past, and let me be the first to tell you it’s not easy. You have to mentally be prepared for what your body is going to go through. The first 3 days are the worst and can really break you down, but it’s all mental. Eating is sometimes habitual, we tend to sometimes only eat because we feel that is what we have to do at that moment. Don’t get me wrong, yes we all must eat in order to survive, but lets be honest, half the time you’re stuffing your face you’re not really hungry.

While on my body cleanse fast, I will only consume water. If my body starts going through a shock, I am allowed to have 1 glass of fresh orange juice. This fast will not be easy to say the least, but it is something I must do in order to jump start my body change inside and out. I’m truly on a quest to be a healthier me, and I plan on continuing on this quest until my last days on this earth.

I will keep you guys posted everyday on how this fasting thing is working out for me. Pray for me please, because prayer what I’m going to need the most. *sigh*

Men, Lets Converse.

Boy I tell ya about these simple silly chicks like Kat Stacks. I promised myself I wouldn’t mention her name on my blog, but I just couldn’t resist.

No I’m not about to go in on ol’ girl (Kat Stacks), because even though I think she is a simple minded female, I’m not really mad at her for exposing the people she has exposed. All these guys want to talk so bad on her…”she’s a hoe”…”she’s a slut”…but guess what buddy, you f*cked her, so what does that make you? You can’t call the kettle black when your ass is the blackest of the blackest..I’m just saying. If I’m mad at anyone in this situation, it’s the guys.

Men, allow me to talk freely and openly to you for a minute. I just want you know that I love you all (some more than others), and actually appreciate you. I have a tendency to be a little hard you guys from time to time, but that is because you make thee most dumbest decisions. Damn, why do you ALWAYS end up messing with the silliest bitch in the world, and then get mad when she puts you out on front street, or tries to trick you out of your money? These females out here will try to get you for your last nickel, just so they can hold it up and shout to the world about how they broke you. And then they will talk about you because all you had was nickel to your name; they will call you a “broke n*gga” until they are blue in the face. But don’t be made at them, be made at yourself. Give yourself a nice black eye, because you allowed the shit to happen. Men, get it together, I mean damn, it’s not hard to identify these silly, simple, one track minded bitches. Allow me to help you out and give you some warning signs.

1.) If you go to a females house, and it is nasty, filthy, mc dirty, but when you met her she had a nice outfit on, hair and nails done..well I hate to say it..but she ain’t about shit. Any woman that can’t take care of home, but wants to be thee flyest thing walking has her priorities disarray.

2.) If you can smell her stank twat when she sits next to you…leave her alone, the chick has some kind of infestation and is ready to pass it on to you without any guilt.

3.) If you know at least 3 people that ran up in her and she never settled down with none of them..let that rat walk, because 9 times out of 10 she is a hoe, and is happy being a hoe.

4.) If you see her on at least 2 social networks with her ass and titties all exposed…don’t even bother sending her a message because she isn’t checking for you boo, she’s checking those pockets.

5.) If you always find that you’re one that pays for everything, or if she consistently has her hand out….keep it moving, before you find yourself broke.

6.) If you have a funny feeling in your gut about this girl….you’re probably right. Leave that chick where you met her…in the gutter.

Men, I’m giving you a heads up because I’m tiered of the once upon a time “goods men” feeling like they have to now dog every female out. Just remember, there is a difference between Women and Bitches, it’s up to you to pick the one that best suits your needs. Be smart.

No more clubs for me….NO BUENO!

I’m too old for this “clubbing” sh*t! And this was confirmed when I went out this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I had a damn great time, but I was really messed up the next day. I wasn’t sick to my stomach or anything like that, I just couldn’t seem to pull it together. My energy was completely zapped, and I still felt a lil drunk.

While I was going to school in Atlanta, my roommates and I clubbed every single damn night. We were wild as hell. Anywhere and everywhere we went, we made it in to a party. At that time I was 19-22 years old. I will be 29 in June and I can’t do all those crazy things anymore. I’m more content with going out to eat, dinner parties, doing happy hour with the girls, traveling, movies, and bowling. All of these things is what I consider fun.

Allow me to give you my top 5 reasons why I’m completely retiring from the club scene:

1.) My hair always gets f*cked up (anyone who knows me knows how I feel about my hair not looking right).
2.) Bay Area clubs are lightweight wack as hell, and the only way that you will enjoy yourself is if you’re drunk.
3.) People don’t know how to act.
4.) I’m just over the whole “clubbing” scene.
5.) I’m too old, it’s a wrap.

I refuse to be the old ass lady out in the middle of someones dance floor, with a drink in her hand, doing the stanky leg…that’s not cute. In my opinion they’re so many other fun things to do other than going clubbing, you just have to find them.


Be A Part Of Helping To Find A Cure For Breast Cancer!! LOVE YOUR “TITS”!

Fight Breast Cancer!!!

Breast, Tits, Boobs, Boobies, Titties, Fun Bags, Chest, Knockers, Lady Lumps. All of these words mean the same thing, and should have regular mammogram screenings because Breast Cancer is real, and very serious. Take the time out to feel your breast for any unusual lumps, and notify your doctor if you feel anything out of the ordinary. Believe it or not, but I do this everyday, faithfully. I don’t know about you, but I love my “tits” and my health; I want to ensure that everything is okay. Lets come together and help researchers find a cure for the cause, and allow women all over the world to live the healthy life they deserve. (the online magazine I contribute to) is currently forming a team for a Breast Cancer Walk (Not sure if we are doing the Avon or Susan G Koman walk yet, we will know by next week). OneStopHipHopShop is seeking a few DEDICATED people to help us raise money and walk to find a cure for this growing problem plagued amongst women all of the world.

If you are interested in joining this GREAT team, please feel free to contact me at We have many ideas for fundraisers in order to help us raise this money, but we would also like to hear your ideas as well. Come and be part of something that will help save the lives of our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, friends, and yourself.

GO TEAM ONESTOPHIPHOPSHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pet Peeve Mondays…join in! Its All Fun

I have decided that I’m going to start something new called “Pet Peeve Mondays”.

Why would I choose to do this on Mondays out of all the other days of the week? Because Mondays are extremely annoying, point blank.

Feel free to join in on this, it may actually make you feel better to get your pet peeves off your chest.

Honestly, this is all done in fun; to give you a good laugh, you deserve it 🙂

Okay allow me to start the first of many “Pet Peeve Mondays”

Pet Peeve: It drives me absolutely insane when a person asks me a question I can ask back to them.

Example: You’re dating a person, and you two talk on a regular basis. So lets say one day the both of you didn’t speak to each other the whole day for whatever reason. The next day comes around and you guys finally talk, and someone has the nerve to ask the dumbest question ever, “why didn’t you call me yesterday”.

What?! Really?! Why would that person ask the other person that question and expect to get a logical answer?

Me being the person that I am, I would have ask the same question to them, because they didn’t pick up the phone to call me either, now did they?

The solution to this pet peeve of mine is never ask a question that can asked back to you.

Anywho, Happy Monday!

When Giving Up Is A Great Thing To Do

All my life I always heard “never give up”. These words have been planted in us by family members, friends, and teachers. Do you really feel in your heart these words are true? Well in my opinion I don’t think so, and I believe their is an exception to this rule.

Dreams and goals are two things you should never give up on. But I do believe they’re some things worth letting go, and that is failed relationships. Question. What is the point of trying to hold on to something that constantly slips out of your hands? It’s useless right?

Allow me to get personal without getting too personal.

Over the last couple of years I have found myself hooking up/dating the same people I dated when I was about 15 to 21 years old (pretty damn sad). With all of these social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, and even Twitter, it is very easy for so called “old flings” to get back in contact with you, and try to rekindle what you two once had.

Well silly me, I always seem to fall in to the “let’s get back together” trap every time; thinking things will be different, but they’re not. The same childish time consuming games that were played in the past, are still presently played. The only difference is they are now being played as adults, which is wack, played out, and no longer cute. I can admit, things seem to be great in the beginning. We would talk about the past, laugh about the little silly things we used to do, chat about our future hopes of possibly being together again, blah blah blah, and bullsh*t. I have turned pretty callus to all of these false hopes, and I can officially say I’m done. Whether it was my fault or their fault as to why things things didn’t work out, it doesn’t matter because its a wrap.

From this day forward, I vow I will not hook up with another guy from my past, I’m over it. This is not to say that I will never speak to these people again. But it will be more on a “hey how are you, hope you have a great life” type conversation. No more relationship talk. Been there, done that; it’s time to give it up and move on.

My true belief as to why I always found myself with the same guys from my past, is due to fear of having to start from scratch with someone new. A lot us find comfort in sticking with what we know, which is a normal human feeling. I am currently learning that being comfortable with the familiar is not always a good thing, because you are setting restrictions for yourself; restrictions on learning and growing. I’m ready to see who else is out there, and not box myself in with the same guys. Regardless of what people think, I am still young, and I have ample opportunity to meet someone that can and will stimulate all of my senses mentally, physically, and emotionally.

With all of this being said, I am saying so long to all the guys that have come, gone, and came back into my life; I’m officially giving up. It’s been real, a little to real. Here’s a kiss for the road. Muah!

Grind, Get it in, Hustle, Make Money, Get Money…Just Get It!

Kim Kardashian is thee shit in my book, I can careless about what you, your momma or daddy have to say about her. This chick gets money out the ass crack, literally. She has her own fragrance, workout tapes, currently working with BEBE to launch her own collection, diet pills, she gets paid $10,000 every time she mentions a specific company in her tweets on twitter, and a host of many other endorsements and business ventures. All I can do is respect her hustle. Yeah she had a sex tape out with Ray J, so what. She took that negative and flipped it in to a positive, now this chick is sitting on millions, how about that?

It bothers me when I see people who are in the age range of 18-40 not do anything with their life. Whether it is going to school, working, or just trying to hustle to build an empire; just do something, don’t sit and wait for things to come to you. Get up, let the blood flow back to your ass, and get to moving. Be about something, be about you.

Older people love to talk. So instead of them sitting at home watching “The Price Is Right” and watering their rose gardens, many of them have decided to work at Walmart as a greeter. They can talk to random people about anything and get paid for it. It’s a win win situation. Their utilizing their abilities, which is talking, and getting money all at the same time. My point is, is use the gift God has blessed you with.

In the picture above, you see a guy that is dressed in silver and with him you see a girl cheesing ever so happily. Now some may ask why is this man dressed like this, and who is he? Well to us, San Francisco, Bay Area Natives, he is the “Silver Man”. The “Silver Man” gets money dumped in to his cup by tourist for doing something so simple as mimicking a robot to music. WOW! Talk about a person their grind! This man said to himself “I’m about to get these tourist for their money, legally, because they are silly enough to willingly give it to me”. If that’s not a prime example of using what you got, then I don’t know what is.

The moral of the story is find what your good at, utilize it, and make it happen captain. Surround yourself with people who are doing something with their life, and motivate the ones that are doing nothing with theirs. If you are great at hopping on one leg while singing the National Anthem, well then do it to its fullest potential and make it beneficial. Make your mark in history, accomplish something other than accomplishing doing nothing at all. Come on punkin, show the world what you are all about.

“I aim to be ‘GREAT’, I have mastered how to be ‘GOOD’, I can work with ‘OKAY’ to be ‘BETTER’, But ‘BAD’ is not acceptable”. – Ms.NiceTee

Lets talk about this FriendshiT…oops I mean FriendshiP stuff

Lol! I love it!

Can someone please explain to me why meeting/making new friends is so hard when you become a certain age, or hit a certain point in your life. I swear it seems to be one of the hardest things about being an adult besides paying bills, and being fully responsible for yourself.

For those that have no clue how old I am, allow me to put myself on blast. I am 28 great years old, soon to be 29 great years old in June (you can mail all gifts to my P.O Box when my birthday rolls around). And with me being the age that I am and at the point of my life that am in, I find making friends a very difficult task.

When you become an adult, things become a lot harder and realistic. Majority of your time is spent trying to get your priorities in order so you can live a prosperous, happy, comfortable life. The time that was once spent laughing, giggling, and talking about not a damn thing on the phone until the wee hours of the night no longer exists. Going to the movies every weekend with some of your closest friends is a thing of the past. You can no longer play the silly little game you used to play in grade school (some still do). All of these things are non existant….poof…gone…bye bye. So with all of these things being stripped away from you as an adult, is that one of the reasons why it is hard to make new friends? Is it due to lack of time? DING DING DING!!!! The answer is YES, at least in my opinion. When I was younger, I had all the time in the world to get to know someone. Majority of the people who were my friends were people I went to school with, and with that being said, I spent a gang of my time with them. Shit, I don’t have time like that anymore. I have things to do, places to go, and goals to be accomplished.

Granted I have met some really cool people over the years, especially in 2009 and 2010, and I can honestly say we either have a friendship formed, or we are currently forming a friendship. We automatically “CLICK”; I understand them and they understand me. Theirs a common ground, and that common ground is that we both have a life outside of our friendship; jobs, kids, goals, hobbies, family, school, boyfriends, girlfriends, jumpoffs, husbands, wives, cats, dogs, and the list goes on. We know that it’s sometimes hard to talk on the phone, or find time to always hang out, it’s nothing personal, it’s just life.

Allow me to bring up another reason why it’s sometimes hard to form new friendships in your golden years [adulthood]. TRUST.

The older you get, it seems the sketchier,trifling, and untrustworthy people are. It can be hard to say who is with you and who is against you, some people have mastered the art of putting on their poker face 24/7, 365. Honestly, it seems to be easier to just be by your damn self, then you don’t have to worry about someone trying to fuck you over; throw shade in your direction. It’s sad to say, but I may have pushed away some really good people in fear of this happening to me. If I don’t have a good feeling about you in the beginning, I don’t take it lightly, I pay very close attention to the vibes people give off. God didn’t give me the gift of the third eye, I like to think He [God] gave me the gift of many eyes; I see something deeper. Their have been times I have been wrong about a person’s character/motives and allowed a person too far in to my life, allowing that person to use me; suck me dry. This trust issue I have has made it extremely hard for me to open up to people at times, which of course makes it hard to build a friendship, or any type of relationship.

So I guess I answered my own question as to why making new friends is so hard; “Lack of time” and “Lack of trust”. This makes all the sense in the world to me, because building trust for a person takes time, which grows into a friendship. I guess that’s why I stick with the handful of friends I have now, because we already have something established. But nevertheless, I want to meet new people, that I can include in my life, and learn new things from. I want to combined my new friends with my old friends, and then we can all be friends…LMFAO literally!!! That was the wackest line ever!! But I’m tiered of typing and my brain hurts from thinking about all this friendship I am ending this blog entry right here.