I Wanna Make The Dial Tone Your Bestfriend.

Quick Random Monday Rant:

As I was playing UNO with my niece and beating her pretty bad if I must say, I all of a sudden get a random phone call from a 707 number at 2 something in the morning. Normally I wouldn’t answer a call that I did not recognize, but for whatever reason I decided to see what the hell this person wanted.

Lose my number...thanks in advance.

Me: “Hello.”
Random Caller: “Tanesha?”
Me: “Who is this?”
Random Caller: “—-” (I will respect this person enough to not blast his name)
Me: “Who?”
Random Caller: “—-! You don’t remember me?”
Me: “What do you want?”
Random Caller: “Can you do me a favor?”
Me: “Nope! But I’m curious as to what you want.”
Random Caller: “Come see me.”
Me: “No. Goodbye.”

First off, I haven’t spoken to this person in about 8 months. Secondly, the d*ck wasn’t poppin’ like that to make me jump and say “I’m on my way”. LMAO, at best is was mediocre. I’m sure your hand wants is more than I do.

Ah go get a life, or better yet go get some new phone numbers and lose mine.

Signing out!


Pet Peeve Mondays…join in! Its All Fun

I have decided that I’m going to start something new called “Pet Peeve Mondays”.

Why would I choose to do this on Mondays out of all the other days of the week? Because Mondays are extremely annoying, point blank.

Feel free to join in on this, it may actually make you feel better to get your pet peeves off your chest.

Honestly, this is all done in fun; to give you a good laugh, you deserve it ūüôā

Okay allow me to start the first of many “Pet Peeve Mondays”

Pet Peeve: It drives me absolutely insane when a person asks me a question I can ask back to them.

Example: You’re dating a person, and you two talk on a regular basis. So lets say one day the both of you didn’t speak to each other the whole day for whatever reason. The next day comes around and you guys finally talk, and someone has the nerve to ask the dumbest question ever, “why didn’t you call me yesterday”.

What?! Really?! Why would that person ask the other person that question and expect to get a logical answer?

Me being the person that I am, I would have ask the same question to them, because they didn’t pick up the phone to call me either, now did they?

The solution to this pet peeve of mine is never ask a question that can asked back to you.

Anywho, Happy Monday!

Know your equal…..Damnit!

Get it the f*ck together people, seriously.

Note: This is my first damn video I have ever posted up on the internet. I look like a hot mess because I’m still trying to get over this cold I unfortunately still have. Bare with me people. Please feel free to let me know what I need to do (if you’re an experienced video blogger) to make my videos better. Thanks!

Have a tall glass of Testosterone..The drink for sensitive men.

¬†Will someone please get these sensitive, “butt¬†-hurt” men some ointment or something fast?

This new fad among men these days¬†is ridiculous. Is the government conducting an experiment on men all over the world, and injecting them with this “whiney extra estrogen” trait? *shrugs shoulders*

I’m not one for male bashing¬†, because¬†in some aspect they make the world go round, but damn what happened to the tough skinned men? Where are¬†the men that let the little un-meaningful¬†things bounce off of them like a rubber ball? Are they all extinct?

In my world, yes I said “my world”,¬†they’re “good sensitive” people¬†and “bad sensitive” people. A Good sensitive person¬†¬†is one that has the ability to mindful of a persons feelings, caring, and¬†loving. A Bad sensitive person is one that takes everything personal, bitches about everything, and can’t see past certain things¬†.

Well¬†boooo to me, because I have come across nothing but “bad sensitive” men. The ones that gripe about why you only called or text them once that day, or¬† the ones that get jealous when you do something as little as have a conversation with someone.¬† Shut up and rub some ointment¬†that itchy¬†“butt-hurt” rash, or drink a glass of testosterone.¬†I wonder if men do these things so women can stroke their ego. If this is the case, you need to find another way of doing things because it is not cute.

But with saying everything that I have said, should I question myself? Should I learn how to become a little bit more sensitive. Hmmmm, it’s a possibility.

I am¬†not using my blog as¬†a forum to talk down on men; I love men, I would never do that. I think it should be taken more¬†so as¬†a Public Service Annonncent….thats all