Oh please stop…please

This Ediet.com commercial drives me crazy when it comes on. Everything about it is wrong. From the amateur rapping, to the horrible dancing. This commercial sucks ass to a degree of no return. Ediets.com should be slapped for this marketing flop, it’s just awful. And for those wondering do I have a slight fascination with commercials and infomercials, well the answer is YES…maybe I was a VP of Marketing for a corporation in my past life, I don’t know, so don’t judge.


Have a nice kitty litter facial..

The name of this YouTube video is “Kitty Litter Facial”. My first reaction to the title was “Bitch what?!”. Before watching it, I assumed it would be something so out of this world disgusting, but it’s not. It is an instructional video about how to make clean, unused, unscented cat liter (which is clay) in to a facial mask. Watch the video for yourself, you will see what I mean.

Your business is like a disease…it’s spreading..get a hold of that beast.

Everybody and their damn Grandma is on Facebook, literally. When everyone went through the myspace phase, you didn’t see peoples mamas, aunties,uncles, maids, and butlers on there. Facebook has literally made everyone in your family a social networker.

But this random topic is not about how Facebook has evolved in to this huge thing that everyone in your blood line uses, but more so about how much business people put on there and then get mad when they are topic of discussion at the diner table.

I have been on Facebook for about a year now, and I can honestly say that I am no longer amazed at what people decide to put on their status messages. For instance, a couple of weeks ago an associate of mine decided to post a sh*t load of their business on Facebook. This person basically spilled the beans about their “new” sexual life. And when I say “new”, I mean as in getting down with the opposite sex for the first time. It was as explicit as explicit can get, this person aired out everything. As I’m reading this persons status message, it becomes very obvious to me that they are feeling very liberated and free about their sexuality, which is fine with me, but why do it over Facebook? I was left with many questions in my head, but whatever, thats their business. Long story short, a few days later this same person updates their status message. But this was not your average sweet Facebook posting, this message was nothing nice. This person was going off about how people talk too much, how people need to learn how to mind their own business, and so on and so forth. It was pure craziness, and drama all throughout the message. I was in complete shock, not because of what the person was saying, but because this damn idiot is the one who made the decision to put their business out there in the first place…duh dumbass!

The point I am simply trying to make is if you decide to put to much of your business out there, be ready to suffer the consequences, and don’t be mad when that shit come back around and bites you in the ass. If you want to expose yourself to the world, and you can care less about what other think of you, by all means feel free to air your business out.

Me personally, I like to think of myself as an open book, but I will only let you read certain pages and chapters, meaning I’m not going to but all of my business out there. Somethings are better left for the imagination. *Wink*

Really?! You wanted to go skiing that bad? Damn

Sarah Nicole Fowke. The ultimate ski liar.

Hands down, this chick gets the “Ultimate Liar” and the “B*tch Was It That Serious” Award.  This woman attempted to use her boyfriends ski pass, of course to do the obvious… go skiing (duh). When she was asked why she was using mans ski pass, this loon toon says that she was in the process of undergoing a sex change. Really?! She must really love to ski.

If I had a boyfriend and he said “yeah babe, just use my ski pass”, I would have to stop that conversation right there in its tracks. I would have to ask him a couple of questions, like: “so do you think I look like a man?” and “If you think I look like a man, why are you with me?” and the ultimate question is “Do you like men?”. Yeah buddy, I would have taken the conversation to another level.

News story below from About.com: http://weirdnews.about.com/b/2009/12/10/woman-claims-sex-change-to-use-mans-ski-ticket.htm


“Police say a woman caught using her boyfriend’s ski pass claimed she was in the middle of a sex-change operation when asked why she had a man’s pass.

Police in Colorado say Sarah Nicole Fowke was stopped when trying to use a pass belonging to Nicholas Hemstreet. And that’s when things got interesting.

Fowke told the resort she was in the middle of a sex change, and that her father had disowned her, according to cbs4denver.com. That was shocking news to Mr. Hemstreet, whose son (still apparently a man) eventually admitted he gave his pass to his girlfriend — Fowke — according to the report”

WTF?…As in.. Why The F*ck

Sometimes I sit and wonder why do I stumble across certain people.

For instance; When I decided to follow the masses and open a Facebook account, all of a sudden the “ghosts of high school past” began to haunt me. Granted I am very happy to reconnect with majority of the people on there, but some people can careless to speak to again. No boo boo, I’m not trying to make a re-connect love connection….uuuh negative, STOP.

Bogus. As I was minding my own business last night, happily watching Married With Children at 2:44 am (don’t judge), I get a text message. instantly I jump up because I’m ready to let whoever have it for texting me so late/early. When I look at my phone, I begin racking my brain trying to figure out who this person is, because I didn’t have the number saved in my phone. Me being the nosey person that I am, I decided to figure out who text me later, and quickly opened the message. It was a video text, and my eyes instantly fixed on to a girl giving head/sucking d*ck/sucking penis/wrapping lips around the male membrane/giving a blow job/putting something other than food in her mouth. First thought: “Who the f*ck sent me this bullshit”. Second thought: “Oh wow, she is talented, how did she do that”? After I silently gave the girl in the clip her props, I went in to “I’m about to cuss the f*ck out of someone” mode. I was offended. I’m not a prude, or someone who gets disgusted by seeing or doing sexual things, I just don’t want a random person sending me that sh*t. So I start texting away; “who the f*ck is this, and why the f*ck would you send me this sh*t”? I wasn’t surprised that the person didn’t text back immediately, maybe they wanted to show they had a decent respectable side and wait until the sun comes up…*rolls eyes*.

The sun rises, the roosters cock-a-doodle-doo, and my text message alert goes off. Oh joy, the text is from the genius who sent me the stupidity in the wee hours of the night/morning. It reads “this is —–“(I don’t want to “out” him..yet). So I text back, “What, really? what is wrong with you? What made you think I wanted to see that sh*t at 2:44 in the morn”? This idiot replies back with, “that girl was giving me head, I just wanted to share that with you and why didn’t you know that it was me sending you the text”. My response to that was “Huh? What? Que? Come the f*ck again…you thought I wanted to see that? You are weird as sh*t”. Needless to say, I still have not received a response back.

Our first initial re-connection on Facebook, was him sending me a message about my new picture I had up. Long story short, he said “nice pic”, I responded back with “thank you”. He then goes on about how my breast are nice, and blah blah blah. He took the conversation somewhere it really had no place going, but I reeled the convo back in to where it needed it to be. I let him know I don’t have problem being cool with him again, but the extra stuff will never happen. I really think me shutting down his advances did nothing but amp him up more, because he then tells me he likes that he can chase me.DAMNIT MANNN! I will be the first to admit, I was interested in him when we were younger, but now, NO…..me no likey that anymore..(lmfao)

Anyway, Happy Tuesday to anyone that reads my random rant.

Death to the robe??

I don’t know about you, but I love my robes (plural). One robe is in my closet,  used for lounging around the house; The second robe is in my bathroom, used when getting out the shower after drying off.
Yes I am guilty of using my robe as a blanket sometimes, I have even put it on backwards on purpose; Hmmmmmm wait…sounds like a Snuggie to me, the only difference is that I didn’t pay for a Snuggie, I used what I had……MY ROBE!
Really people?! What a waste of an invention.