Tell em’ Straight Up, No Chaser

I haven’t blogged in forever, I know. I’m doing something that most of us do on a daily – LIFE. Now that we have that out the way, I shall proceed. Oh, yeah I hope all is well with my handful of readers!

Happy, sad, mad, excited, scared, ecstatic….what do all of these words have in common? They are all connected to a central nerve in the brain that produces a thing called feelings/emotions. And when these feelings are provoked, the actions can either be good or bad.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not to fond of someone playing with my emotions. Tell me how you feel just how I like my drinks – STRAIGHT, NO CHASER. Thank God that in most cases I can smell the BS from a mile away and nip that sh*t in the bud. Yes, I have played with a persons feelings before. And no it was not nice of me to do it, but I did, just like I’m sure you have too. But in my recent and older years, playing games with people no longer stimulates me, instead I find HONESTY to be a lot more satisfying. Allow me to give you an example: I was on the phone with someone that I was speaking to for the first time. Conversation was going great until he began to irritate me with his goofiness (I love FUNNY, I hate GOOFY) and his excessive need to want to change the topic while I’m in mid sentence (rude). As this now turned pointless convoversation carried on, I felt the blood in my body boiling. Here is where my honesty took over. He asked me what is one on my biggest flaws – my answer: the fact I get irritated easily. He proceeds to ask what irritates me. I paused for a minute, took a deep breath and said…”ummm I’m not feeling this, I don’t think we really have anything in common, I’m sorry”. *Crickets* – dead silence. Finally he says “no problem, no need to be sorry and thank you for saying something”. We ended the conversation there and continued on with our lives. There was no need for me to string this boy along any longer. I got the scissors and cut that sh*t off the minute I knew I wasn’t feeling him.

No, I’m not in the business of hurting a persons feelings, but I am in the business of NOT wasting time. And if that means that I have to voice how I feel in a situation I’m not feeling, so be it.

I’m just saying, the games you once played as a child are no longer cute as an adult. Cease with the dodging a persons phone calls/texts, and coming up with lame ass stories about how busy you have been… it gets old after the second time you use that excuse. Speak up, let a person know “yo, I’m not feeling you”… and everyone can go on with their merry little lives. Yeah the person may think of you as an a**hole at that moment, but in the end you’re at least left with that persons respect.


I Wanna Make The Dial Tone Your Bestfriend.

Quick Random Monday Rant:

As I was playing UNO with my niece and beating her pretty bad if I must say, I all of a sudden get a random phone call from a 707 number at 2 something in the morning. Normally I wouldn’t answer a call that I did not recognize, but for whatever reason I decided to see what the hell this person wanted.

Lose my number...thanks in advance.

Me: “Hello.”
Random Caller: “Tanesha?”
Me: “Who is this?”
Random Caller: “—-” (I will respect this person enough to not blast his name)
Me: “Who?”
Random Caller: “—-! You don’t remember me?”
Me: “What do you want?”
Random Caller: “Can you do me a favor?”
Me: “Nope! But I’m curious as to what you want.”
Random Caller: “Come see me.”
Me: “No. Goodbye.”

First off, I haven’t spoken to this person in about 8 months. Secondly, the d*ck wasn’t poppin’ like that to make me jump and say “I’m on my way”. LMAO, at best is was mediocre. I’m sure your hand wants is more than I do.

Ah go get a life, or better yet go get some new phone numbers and lose mine.

Signing out!

The Not So Lovely World Of Dating. Thumbs Way Down!

Dating is a cold game, and you would think it would get easier as you get older….SIKE..

Yeah, okay, I guess

I have been single for some time now. My famous line in the past was “I like being single. I’m happy I don’t have to answer to anyone”. Well I’m damn near 30 years old and my views and opinions have shifted; I’m thinking differently, some would say clearer. Is it wrong of me to ask for a MAN who knows what his priorities are in life, is a go-getter, and is NOT caught up in all the superficial things in life? I mean damn, do these type of men even exist anymore or are they extinct? I have questions that need to be answered.

Yes, I must admit, I do have a brick wall up and I am not the easiest person to get to know. I have trust issues and I’m not the only woman in the world that does (men are included too). Would I ever hold the next man accountable for what the last person did to me? No. Will I have on my suit of armor when the next person comes too close to my heart? Yes, it would only be human nature for me to do so.

The whole cat and mouse game that usually comes with dating is not for me. The few little meaningless relationships I have been in, the guy felt that I never put my all in to it, and they were damn skippy about that one. Why would I put my all in to someone when he is not giving me the attention I am seeking from him? Seriously. What you put in is what I put out, (at least in relationships) simple as that. If your not calling me, well I’m damn sure not calling you. If your short with me (i.e not having much to say) well I guarantee you I’m gonna be short with you. Its an easy science to this sh*t, nothing complicated.

Some may think that my way of looking at the situation is petty, but it is what is. When I begin dating a guy I come in to the situation with a open mind and just a little guarded. I make sure I give the person a chance to show what they are about and are they serious about getting to know me. It’s their choice to want to either A, f*ck up that chance or B, take the chance and see where things go.

Okay I’m done talking about this dating topic. Hopefully the dating gods will be a little nicer to me in the future because this sh*t is for the birds

This is some bullsh*t! (2 year old boy smoking)

Really?! What the f*ck is this f*ckery?!

So I guess in Indonesia it’s cool to let a 2 year old smoke, and film him while he is doing it *rolls eyes*. This is pure craziness, this Indonesian kid is smoking like he has been doing this since he was in the womb. He probably can’t even piss in the toilet by himself, yet alone even tell his parents when he sh*tted in his diaper. Judging by the way the people are sitting around this child while he smokes a cigarette, this doesn’t seem to be a big deal. Apparently this type of f*ckery is considered normal in their eyes.

Damn shame!

I wonder if people in Indonesia think we (Americans) are crazy for not letting our children smoke at the age of 2 *shrug shoulders*.

This is not cool on so many levels. I’m sure that the family of this child is poor, and saw an opportunity to capitalize on their child’s smoking abilities. But something that really bothers me is the fact that someone saw this a chance to exploit a family in a struggling country. Just goes to show people ain’t about sh*t if it does not benefit their selfish needs. Instead of helping this family by showing them the harm that will come to their child by letting him smoke, they would much rather show how unstructured the parents are, sad.

Click HERE to watch this foolishness. SMFH!