My Take, My Opinion on the Nightmare on Elm Street Movie

I know my take on the Nightmare on Elm Street movie is late, but you have no idea how busy I have been.

The new Freddy Krueger look

So I saw the movie twice. The first time I viewed it I went with my two nieces. They jumped and screamed every 20 seconds, and it was truly pissing me off. I couldn’t get in to the movie because I had both of them pulling on my arm through the entire movie. The second time I went to see the movie was with a friend, and I was able to sit back and fully take in the movie without the distractions of my ever so beloved nieces *rolls eyes*.

I can honestly say that I was very impressed with the directors vision. He was aiming to give the movie a newer feel but yet still using the same formula of the original movie. The only thing I was lightweight not feeling was this newer looking Freddy Krueger.

The new Freddy....ehh

I understand that the director wanted to give Freddy a foreal burn victim look, but Freddy is a classic character, and you can’t go changing his look thinking that Nightmare On Elm Street fans will be happy with this change. Freddy’s look is a part of what made him, and I personally think they should not have messed with that.

Anywho, I personally think the movie was good, I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. I don’t want to spoil the movie for the people who want to see it but haven’t yet, so I won’t give out too much info; lets just say I think the movie is worth going to see.


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