Ummm, Damn Erykah. (Window Seat Video)

Two points I need to make before I go any further. 1.) Erykah Badu is the shit! She undeniably is one of my all time favorite artist, hands down. 2.) UMMMM, Erykah is thick as hell. I know with me saying this, I either sound like a man or I’m someone who likes women, but I’m neither of the two. I can comment on her body and still be a 100% straight woman, and not have to say “NO HOMO”. Shit, I’m very comfortable with my sexuality.

If you watch the “Window Seat” video (below), you will see what I am talking about. It shocked the hell out of me to see she was so stacked. She never wore anything revealing to show her shape, so I guess their was no real way of knowing that she was so damn thick.

I love the video and the concept behind it. It’s time for everyone to step in to the “EVOLVING” state of mind. Free yourself from what the world says “WHAT IS”.


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