Team Monica!!! *UPDATED 3/25/10. ALBUM VERDICT*

Miss Monica

[*UPDATE 3/25/09 @ 9:50 a.m* I finally had the chance to sit down, and truly listen to Monica’s new album “Still Standing”. I can honestly say I love it. Even though they’re a couple of songs that sound like her previous albums, but that’s okay, still a great album. GO MONICA!!!]

Yesterday I had a small Skype chat with my friend/ boss, and we got on the subject of Monica. Yeah we touched on her recent break up with her fiance Rocko, but we also talked about how Monica is stuck in a “box”, as in the “music industry box”.

Now, don’t go thinking I’m about to “Monica Bash” in this blog entry, because I love me some Monica; huge fan and supporter. But I fear that Monica is only doing songs that the music industry knows will be sure “hits”. And of course this is natural for them to do, they wouldn’t ask her to sing songs that they know would flop. What I am basically saying is that they seem to pitch songs to her that all sound the same. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of her music, I just want to see her do something different, take a risk. My friend made a very good point, “It’s hard as a veteran artists trying to stay in the game, ’cause once people lock into a sound, they wanna keep you with that, and people look for that. But also it’s hard to stay creative and still sound like you”. I 100% agree with this statement, the music industry wants to stick with what works; if it’s not broke then don’t fix it right? I guess in a sense it’s right, but wouldn’t you like to see what else may work, kinda step out of the box? Well this is just my opinion, take it or leave it *shrugs shoulders*.

Anywho, I think everyone should take a second to listen to the new Monica album, “Still Standing”. I already found my favorite song, “Here I am”, mainly because this is not your “normal” Monica song. She’s basically giving you “don’t know how to take care of home” men a heads up, and letting you know that if don’t pay attention to your woman, another man will, can I get a AMEN? ;0)

P.S- I don’t have a verdict on the album yet, give me a couple of days and will know. Currently I’m on the fence about it. But nevertheless I’m still part of Team Monica no matter what. She could put out the worst song in the world and I still would cheer for her!!


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