In My Happy Place…Doing Me!!

A couple of weeks ago I heard an expression that really stuck with me: “Tooting your own horn is equivalant to masterbation…you’re the only one that feels it”. Well to hell with what people say..because I’m gonna toot my own horn, and bitch I’m tooting it loud; I am extremely proud of myself!

God has blessed me with so many creative talents, and I am finally taking the chance to explore all of them. I used to share my ideas and opinions with certain people, but they always seemed to shoot what I had to say down. You always hear people saying “don’t let a person feelings affect the way you feel”, but unfortunately I allowed it to happen. Peoples words used to affect me to a point to where I was ready to say “f*ck all my talents”, but I put an end to that as fast as I started it.

I learned that you can’t share your dreams and happiness with everyone, because people are not always happy for you, somethings are only for you to enjoy. Once I realized this, I was ready to show the world what I had to offer. I began to keep my creative thoughts to myself, and instead just put them into action; showing people what I was capable of doing. But the most valuable thing I did is I started ridding people who were nothing but dead weight in my life; the ones that just wanted to see me fail, and the ones who didn’t care about what I was doing, and where I was trying to go in life. If my friends are embarking on a new chapter in their life, I want to be there to encourage them and let them know that they can do it, I want to show as much support as I possibly can. I would never put them down and tell them they would fail…well unless they said they were about to jump off a 50 story building without a parachute to see if they would live, now that’s when I would yell FAIL! I wouldn’t even hesitate to discourage them from that one.

I’m at a great point in my life! I’m designing both earrings and clothes, I’m now blogging for a great hip hop website (, I have started my cupcake making business (SweeTee Cakes), and I am overall a happier person. The support I receive from my mom, step dad, and my hand-full of friends is phenomenal! I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to see me go through this crazy, but yet great, journey I call my life.


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