Blind to the color

Robin Thicke?! Hell yeah, I’d bone.  Lawd Geesus that man is so attractive, he makes my knees buckle when he sings, talks, walks, eats, sits on the toilet, blows his nose, everything…he is gorgeous.  Yes, he can be the cream to my coffee anytime *drools*.

The funny part about it is that I am not normally attracted to white men. Don’t twist my words, because some may holler I’m racist or something, which I am not, I just prefer black men, it’s a preference.

I know I should not be shallow and subject myself to one group of people.  Some say that color should not matter, and I totally agree with this.  Here is a great example, and please people do not take this personal.

Example: One day I was in Target, in the lotion aisle. Along side of me was a white man; Very nicely dressed, attractive, nice smelling cologne, everything I love in man on the outside. He was watching me as I kept picking up and putting down lotions. It was obvious that I was having a hard time trying to find something I liked. So he picks up a Jergens bottle and says “this is a good lotion, not to heavy not to light” .  I chuckle and say “really? “. I begin to explain why I did not like Jergens because of blah blah blah (I don’t remember my reason, because I am now in love with that lotion). Anywho, he goes on to explain that he is a doctor and that that is the lotion he recommends to his patients. From there we struck up a conversation that went on to many different topics. Just as we were about to part ways, he asked for my phone number, and said that he would love to continue our conversation. Granted it was a great conversation, I just couldn’t see myself saying “yeah, my number is 415 blah blah blah, call me” . Was it because he was white? Great possibility. So basically the way I turned him down,  I told him that I was in a very serious relationship (what a lie). He said “oh okay, well it was nice talking with you and you take care”. He shook my hand and we went our separate ways.  Now if I was in the same situation, but instead of the man being white he was black would I have given him my number ? Yes.

Maybe stereotypes that are put on certain groups of people make me not want to step outside the box. Like for instance they say black men have big “THANG THANGS” , and white men have small “PETER WHACKERS”. I know this is not true, because I have been with black men that have really itty bity “THANG THANGS”, and even though I have never been with a white man sexually, I have seen pictures, and porn (don’t judge and don’t act) where they were hung like horses. It’s a great possibility that I am afraid that a white man may not be able to relate to me and I may not be able to relate to him. Whatever that case maybe I personally believe I need to get over it and stop seeing color. Who knows, my soul mate may be white, or any other race at that. *Sigh* Pray for me.


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