WTF?…As in.. Why The F*ck

Sometimes I sit and wonder why do I stumble across certain people.

For instance; When I decided to follow the masses and open a Facebook account, all of a sudden the “ghosts of high school past” began to haunt me. Granted I am very happy to reconnect with majority of the people on there, but some people can careless to speak to again. No boo boo, I’m not trying to make a re-connect love connection….uuuh negative, STOP.

Bogus. As I was minding my own business last night, happily watching Married With Children at 2:44 am (don’t judge), I get a text message. instantly I jump up because I’m ready to let whoever have it for texting me so late/early. When I look at my phone, I begin racking my brain trying to figure out who this person is, because I didn’t have the number saved in my phone. Me being the nosey person that I am, I decided to figure out who text me later, and quickly opened the message. It was a video text, and my eyes instantly fixed on to a girl giving head/sucking d*ck/sucking penis/wrapping lips around the male membrane/giving a blow job/putting something other than food in her mouth. First thought: “Who the f*ck sent me this bullshit”. Second thought: “Oh wow, she is talented, how did she do that”? After I silently gave the girl in the clip her props, I went in to “I’m about to cuss the f*ck out of someone” mode. I was offended. I’m not a prude, or someone who gets disgusted by seeing or doing sexual things, I just don’t want a random person sending me that sh*t. So I start texting away; “who the f*ck is this, and why the f*ck would you send me this sh*t”? I wasn’t surprised that the person didn’t text back immediately, maybe they wanted to show they had a decent respectable side and wait until the sun comes up…*rolls eyes*.

The sun rises, the roosters cock-a-doodle-doo, and my text message alert goes off. Oh joy, the text is from the genius who sent me the stupidity in the wee hours of the night/morning. It reads “this is —–“(I don’t want to “out” him..yet). So I text back, “What, really? what is wrong with you? What made you think I wanted to see that sh*t at 2:44 in the morn”? This idiot replies back with, “that girl was giving me head, I just wanted to share that with you and why didn’t you know that it was me sending you the text”. My response to that was “Huh? What? Que? Come the f*ck again…you thought I wanted to see that? You are weird as sh*t”. Needless to say, I still have not received a response back.

Our first initial re-connection on Facebook, was him sending me a message about my new picture I had up. Long story short, he said “nice pic”, I responded back with “thank you”. He then goes on about how my breast are nice, and blah blah blah. He took the conversation somewhere it really had no place going, but I reeled the convo back in to where it needed it to be. I let him know I don’t have problem being cool with him again, but the extra stuff will never happen. I really think me shutting down his advances did nothing but amp him up more, because he then tells me he likes that he can chase me.DAMNIT MANNN! I will be the first to admit, I was interested in him when we were younger, but now, NO… no likey that anymore..(lmfao)

Anyway, Happy Tuesday to anyone that reads my random rant.


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