Go GaGa or Go Home

Work those antlers bitch!

And the “I DON’T GIVE A F*CK WHAT YOU THINK, BECAUSE I MAKE MONEY OFF THIS SH*T B*TCH” Award goes to….. (drum roll please)…Lady GaGa.

I really like this chick, I really do. She knows exactly what to do to keep the money coming in, the cameras flashing, and people humming her songs (I’m guilty..don’t judge).

I love a person that can use things for multi purpose reasons. Example: In the picture to your right, Ms. GaGa is seen sporting a trendy antler hat. You ask “how is her hat used for multi purpose reasons”? Well allow me to be the one break it down.
The hat is to keep her head warm, as well as to give her the “innovative fashionista” look, and the Reindeer antlers are intended to show her holiday spirit (uhh duh, it is christmas time), as well as too stab the paparazzi if they come to close.

So BOOM, there you have it; A hat+deer antlers attached to it=Multi Purpose Usage. GO GAGA or GO HOME!


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